Yoga Spirit
Yoga Spirit is a whole new way to approach yoga. And then it is the same.  Starting from the inside, we will work gradually to the outside.  Only when we are familiar with an inward system can we find any success on the outside. 
I find that working from the inside out provides a person with all of the tools necessary to live in the world while not being of the world.  As we calm the mind and slow down, our natural inclination is to explore the inner world.  When we leave off the stuff of outside, we can navigate the inside.  If this strikes you as something you would like to explore, then click the picture symbol to the right or use the links at top.
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John Mohan Fazzino


In conjunction with Yoga Spirit, I study and practice, “A Course In Miracles”, (ACIM).  ACIM is a major part of my practice and I find it works well in conjunction with my practice of yoga.  To learn more about ACIM, click here.About_The_Course.html